This title provides both sides of the story!
Gerrie Lynn teaches about nutrition and how
you can cure yourslf of what ails you simply
by eating a nutrient dense, plant-based diet,
while I spend quite a few pages talking about
 how being an ethical vegan is the best way
to be an ambassador for the animals and the planet.
But, we both agree that animal foods are
certainly not necessary to live a happy, healthy,
and vibrant life!

While mixing up flavors from all over the world 
to create fun and exciting new dishes, I left out 
all of the store bought vegan subs like mayo, 
cheese, meat, and the like.  This book is full of 
scratch made recipes that a full of fresh flavor.
Formerly titled "Hearty Vegan Meals For Monster Appetites"
This version has a new name and a new cover, 

but the recipes are still the same.  
 The book will ship with the old cover and title 

until it runs out, and then will be replaced with this one. 
Over 101 different versions of veggie burgers forcing you
to look at ingredients in a whole new way.  Recipes for buns,
condiments, sides and even a few desserts are also included.
Recipes and ideas for cruelty free gifts for every occasion.
This book also includes gift tags, recipe cards
and other illustrations drawn by Kurt Halsey.
The first professionally published cookbook 
written by Celine and I.  500 recipes plus variations 
from breakfast to dessert with everything in between.  
There are no pictures, but we set up a flickr group 
for this book so that people (including Celine and I) 
could post pictures of the recipes. 
This DIY project was born out of my passion
 and love for vegan cooking. Before Fairwinds,  
I wrote and published this book all by myself.   
Forgive the crude layout and the horrible black
 and white photography.  This book is more like a
 'zine than a cookbook.  But the recipes are delicious. 
Veganize any recipe with confidence!  
This book is a great reference for any cook, and a 

great gift for new vegans, or anyone looking to reduce 
the amount of animal foods in their diet.

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  1. So glad I found this Cooking Books! I actually believe that everything on that book are my liking! Can't wait this cooking books!


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